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2007 - Hell Girl S2 spec DVD front ''backer'' by novectors 2007 - Hell Girl S2 spec DVD front ''backer'' by novectors
in my case, "Fan Art" began when I began finding myself in possession of audio or video media (sometimes politely referred to as "ROIO"s, or "Recordings Of Indeterminate Origin")...

in the case of "Hell Girl" (of which I am VERY fond), there was no real indication any of this would see a commercial release on DVD, let alone here in the US (the second, third, and live-action series have yet to show, and they're several years gone, now)...

I therefore had few qualms about composing my own covers for my personal DVDs, authored from vidcaps, along with media from the originator's website in Japan.

This is a "backer" created in Photoshop to be used in the final
InDesign cover composition...


I hold no copyrights nor other ownership, rights or permissions for use of this material, aside from claiming responsibility as the author of the composition shown here.
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CommodoreZeke Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2012
Actually, Seasons 2 and 3 are out now -- they just aren't dubbed. The license was bought from Funimation by a smaller group called Sentai Filmworks. They unfortunately went with sub-only releases, but it's better than nothing. If your local stores don't have them on the shelf, you can probably order them in. (No word on the live-action series that I know of.)
novectors Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012  Professional General Artist
if it's being sold here in the USA, it should be marketed as such (i.e, dubbed or subbed)... we may be too stupid as a people to make it official law, but the primary language here is English... anyone doing business here should follow suit, as would be expected of us, doing business in any other country...
this is not bigotry, this is common sense...

if I went to Japan, or Germany, or Spain, or China, I'd be expected to function in the "native' tongue, or would be at a disadvantage...
same ought to hold here...

believe me, if (for example) "Ghost In The Shell" had not been english-dubbed for release in USA and UK,
it would NOT have become the international blockbuster it is today...
in fact, that's why / how GoFish (a DreamWorks subsidiary) lost their GITS distribution contract here,
after they released "Innocence" on DVD without the English Dub that the rest of the world had available to them...

jus' sayin', izzall...
CommodoreZeke Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012
I fully agree, but I think you missed where I said "sub-only" (as in there are English subs). I really wish they'd kept dubbing the series, though. Season 1 had a good, solid dub; if Funimation had kept the license and continued dubbing, I would've bought the other seasons even at the ridiculous price Sentai is charging. As it is, I'm waiting for a sale or a cheaper release.

The real problem with sub-only releases is that, realistically, most Western anime fans watch the shows first with fansubs or on semi-official sub sites like Crunchyroll. That's potentially a good thing for the industry -- I've bought a ton of series after watching fansubs that I'd never have bought "blind". But let's face it, the cost of anime is insane. To even begin to make up for those prices, a show had better be worth watching again -- and a good English dub is the best reason to do that.

The good news is that distributors are at least getting the message about price. The new S.A.V.E. editions of many shows are a big help. But even if a show is relatively cheap, I'm much less likely to buy it without a dub.
novectors Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012  Professional General Artist
no, I saw that part, and knew of the S2-3 releases as sub-only already...

I picked up the "SAVE" release of Season One, and was delighted by the English Dub...
it seemed a bit of a cheat for the same label NOT to market similarly dubbed sets for S2 and S3...

I myself am not a huge fan of Animé, but enjoy animation of any sort, so long as the art holds up
and the story/characters are high priority and unusual... this is why of all the titles launched in the same period, Jigoku Shoujo was the only thing to catch my attention...

I suppose I'm just being bitchy about all this, but if they want the cash from THIS gaijin,
they'll hafta dub the other 2 seasons...
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