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July 29, 2013
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2013-07-29 JWildfire 181m2 - WallPaper by novectors 2013-07-29 JWildfire 181m2 - WallPaper by novectors
clearing out another backlog of saved "flames"...


OK, OK, I know JW 100 is still missing...

hey, if anyone really expects ME to create and render them in numeric order,
they have NOT been paying attention, lol...
novectors Jul 29, 2013  Professional General Artist
not sure i can actually take any credit for the perceived pattern...
my only real criteria for the fractals i post amounts to "different than the last one"...

that aside, I'm glad to hear that those images worked well with your "chill" time, lol...
honestly, that goes WELL beyond my expectations for my works...
(i figure if folks can look at them and NOT be "put off" by them somehow, I've done OK)...

many thanks for the unusually "deep" comment...!
gabrielIgnitus Jul 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
So, I come back home from school, figured out no one's home, so I decided to take control of the record player with some Floyd. The curious thing about these wallpapers is that there is an order. It goes beyond the simple sight of an ordinary man, but to someone that has spent hours playing with a graphic calculator, you can see clearly a function. Beyond all randomness that we find in irrational numbers, there's a goal. And I stopped to think the word goal, because I was singing learning to fly.

The last three made me feel like I was watching a bird flapping its wings and I understood that deep down, I realised that there was a pattern, a sequence that made sense. It made me oddly happy. 
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